Mission & Values




We believe in our values and we want to build our relation with our customers and pets based on these values.

Respect – each pet and customer deserve respect for their life and needs. We treat everybody equally without any discrimination and prejudice.

Care – we care about our customers and their pets, they are unique and each of them need unique service and care.

Love – we do everything with a passion and responsibility. We love what we are doing and we want to share it with our customers.

Friendship - we want to build long lasting and friendly relationships with our customers.

Pets – we are against sales of puppies and kitten. We believe that each owner has the right to know the origin of his animal and make a responsible decision when acquiring new one.

Health – we want to prescribe only high quality products, which won’t be harmful and dangerous for pets health and life.




We believe that all pets deserve care and respect, they are part of our life, family and loyal friends.

We want to bring most valuable service and care for PETS and Their owners.

We are brand which put customer in the center of it’s care and engagement.

We want to deliver only high quality service and products.

We want to help those who need it, animal shelters and other animal care NGOs.

Our mission is to change the perceptions of pet shop.

PETS&U is a place where pets and their owners can visit the shop together, choose top quality and valuable  products and service together, where sales of live animals, puppies and kitten is prohibited. PETS&U is a unique place with a unique mission and values.